For Those In The Know

This page provides back story elements of the campaign to help players in building characters.  More information will be provided as needed.

Atlanta has seen changes since the first burning, and act which some believe was initiated by the White Council to force a group of Law Breakers out into the open.  Since Reconstruction, the White Council has had little interest in Atlanta, and an even smaller presence, though it is rumored that White Council descendants may still live in the area.

The city is rich in hedge mages, and it is rumored that there are families of hedge mages that stretch back to the antebellum age.  Some say that they are the true movers and shakers of Atlanta Society and Business.  Beyond these families, there are many new hedge mages, as Atlanta has become a center for the New Age movement.

Both Summer and Winter have representatives that call Atlanta home, and there are a number of Changelings who call Atlanta home.  As Atlanta has become a melting pot of cultures, new and different members of the Fae Courts have been seen, as well as some creatures which most Westerns have never seen.

Important People:  These are individuals who are known throughout Atlanta, and who's names are spoken by those in the know (these are NPCs you can use as you build characters).

Cornelia Drake Forsyth

Darrigan Jinair

Desseree Turner

Jackson Henry Bulloch


Samandra Carter

For Those In The Know

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