Aliyah Robinson


Aliyah Robinson, age 16, found comatose in front of house located at 3418 Washington Rd
Atlanta, GA 30344.
This_Old_House.jpg Ms. Robinson is from Decatur, GA, and attends Decatur High School. There was evidence of occult activity inside the kitchen of the house, as well as old blood in the basement (dirt floor).

Aliyah has three friends that are thought to have accompanied her to the house: Coulton Fairchild, Roberta Blackton, and Richard Michaels. They appear to be friends from high school.

Ms. Robinson is currently in a coma at Grady Hospital. Her worried parent Martha and Tyson are with her much of the time. CATscans reveal severe cerebral hemorrhaging. Prospect look bleak for her recovery.

Ms. Robinson does not have a driver’s license.


Aliyah Robinson

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