Dresden Files: Atlanta

Case File 1a - Grave Secrets

Dr. deRobles and Terry followed up on some leads regarding the comatose girl found at 3418 Washington Rd., East Point, GA 30344.  Through some cyber stalking they found information regarding Aliyah Robinson's friends: Coulton FairchildRichard Mu, & Roberta Blackton.  They used Coulton's social media footprint to find that he frequented an occult bookstore in Buckhead called Avalon.  That evening, they went to a class on Protective Magics (Defense Against the Dark Arts), and were impressed by the instructor Ms. Rose McCree.  She joined their team as evidence showed that the teens had been partying at Fairfield Cemetery.  

Further investigation led to the discovery that the teens had stolen a truck, and eventually went to another cemetery in Douglasville.  They also committed "armed" robbery during their time in Douglasville.  Further investigation, and the realization that they were practicing necromancy led them on a chance to find the teens.  An active BOLO allowed the GBI to track the teens, and Agent Carter looped Terry into the chance, which resulted in a massacre outside the Waffle House at1426 SAM NUNN BLVD I-75 & US 341 EX 136, PERRY, GA 31069.  Four police officers were dead, two of them seemingly forced to shoot each other.


The team found the teens in an abandoned barn, and were able to deal with the threat.  Coulton and Richard were both killed during the battle, with both Coulton and Richard displaying some rather disturbing abilities.  Roberta was knocked out, and was taken to a hospital (she never arrived).


The trick is to drop a building on ‘em. Very few problems can’t be solved by dropping a building on it. Worked for Dorothy, worked for us.

Case File 1a - Grave Secrets

LOL….I love the Dorothy comment!

Case File 1a - Grave Secrets

This story requires in person explanation I think! lol

Case File 1a - Grave Secrets
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